Beyond the Basics: Enhancing Customer Experience

Everyone nods their head when I talk about product development to improve customer experience & results

But I see they are confused about how to go about it

Let me share an instance here...

I set up systems in my customer's business for Cash infusion

Sometimes on the way, I see their social media handles are below par

However, Social media management is not part of my services

But I still help them to

-Optimize their profile for traffic

-Create content pillars for posting

-Provide content ideas cheatsheet

-Provide my hooks checklist

It would help them to go in the right direction. Plus, I don't have to create these resources every time.

In this way, my customer experience is enhanced...

There are numerous ways to add extra value, all you need is an open mind to observe

Your goal must be to reduce the customer's complexity

So that, they can navigate to their desires and goals..

That's it for this week, I hope you are doing good!

Talk soon,

-Vishnu Harshan

By going within. Nowhere you can go is more peaceful - more free of interruptions - than your own soul - Marcus Aurelius

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