A Reintroduction to Vishnu Harshan: A Decade of Marketing Expertise

Hey Reader,

I wanted to hit the refresh button and reintroduce myself..

I'm Vishnu Harshan, a sophisticated marketer with a solid 10 years in the game.

Over the years, I've teamed up with some collaborated with different brands worldwide and brought in a $240k revenue.

My jam?

Helping business owners like you get your systems in place so they can leverage time and money..

One of my superpowers is Facebook ads!

It comes naturally to me....

I think it's because I started as a marketing executive in Dubai who would schedule appointments and visit the customers to sell the product

Multiple no-use visits and long drives were part of the journey those days!

Eventually, sitting behind a screen and alluring the customers to buy the product gives me an adrenaline rush :D

There are 2 mistakes that I generally noticed with Experts:

1) The Experts who are good at their craft, choose marketing strategies that do not align with themselves

As a result, they struggle to sell

As an Expert, you need Alignment with who you are and how you market and fulfill

2) The Experts struggle with Articulation.

Their natural gift comes so naturally (Facebook ads for me) to them so they end up not valuing it.

As a result, they can't clearly articulate their offer or product.

As an Expert, you need to Articulate your offer in multiple layers of awareness.

If you get these 2 things right you don't have to use marketing tactics or sales scripts to sell..

Selling becomes natural to you!

Catch you later!



If you want to do big things don't let small stuff get to you

113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205
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Vishnu Harshan

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