Decision making: Reasoning in first Prinicple

When it comes to decision making, most people rely on guesswork or do it under the control of emotions.

The first principle thinking or reasoning in the first principle is an ideal way to make decisions.

You should break everything down to fundamentals to see through things

Let me give an example;

There is a famous influencer from India who teaches how to get inbound leads or dream jobs from LinkedIn through his workshop.

He conducts a workshop almost every month and he has been doing it for the past 3 years. He still does that workshop.

Now he has 400k followers on LinkedIn, amazing isn't it?

Anyone would want to build a personal brand like this..

His workshop is full of value, a newbie can learn a lot.

In the end, he will pitch his LinkedIn mastery program to workshop attendees.

For anyone, he builds 400k+ LinkedIn followers through content marketing!

But that's not the reality!

You should analyze the first principle by breaking everything down into fundamentals.

He consistently runs ads about his workshop on Facebook and Instagram to get attendees.

At the start of his workshop, he will post on LinkedIn mentioning that his workshop has started. (I also attended his workshop 2 years back)

And he will ask all the attendees to go and like the post and follow him on LinkedIn as a goodwill :)

He grew his followers via Facebook ads! Not with content marketing

You can't bring 1000+ people to a workshop through content marketing, with solid systems and ads you can!

If LinkedIn is so good why he didn't promote it just organically..

Ps: I'm not against this guy, LinkedIn, or content marketing

Just showing you how to think in the first principle!

This is the reality of most influencers online.

If you closely analyze them, you will realize how they grew.

It's difficult to grow a LinkedIn profile's personal brand by closely working with the customer.

It takes time and effort and needs patience and investment from the customer.

But it is easy to scale if you can teach how to grow a personal brand via ads.. (Think about it)

You can see through things if you can closely analyze things by breaking them down into fundamentals!

Let me know your thoughts...


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