[FIRST NAME GOES HERE] there is an unrealized myth about facebook ads

There is a common unrealized myth about Facebook ads Reader

That is, you need an active Facebook and Instagram page with a substantial amount of content every week.

If you can do that. That's really great. Keep doing it.

Here I'm talking about the people who don't have big fan pages.

You don't need an active content publishing Facebook and Instagram page to Run ads

You dont need it !!

What you need is an optimized Facebook and Instagram page, along with a few engaging content.

If people want to visit your page after seeing the ad, there must be something worth checking out.

That's all..

I know people who do a million who don't organically post.

I also don't post regularly on Facebook and Instagram, but I have run ads from it

Customers watch the Ad >> Click on it >> Go to the landing page >> Eventually, go through the funnel flow!

Apart from that, what I can tell from my experience..

Facebook ads is the fastest and cheapest way to test your offer!

If your target audience age group lies between 20-50 you should definitely give it a try.

However, in my experience middle aged men mostly spend time on YouTube.

But YouTube ads are a bit expensive.

I would recommend validating your offer on Facebook first and then bringing the winning ads to YouTube later stage.

You can show your offer or product in front of your ideal customers all the time with a minimum budget of $50 for a week on Facebook.

If that is selling that's good! scale it

If not, tweak and test again!

To know where to tweak by watching the metrics is a Skill.

That is something you can learn over time or work with an expert to bypass the learning time.

In organic marketing, testing your offers can be time-consuming and challenging, especially without a large audience.

Remember - Fail fast to win!

I hope you are doing good Reader

-Vishnu Harshan

Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit
- Vince Lombardi Jr.

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