The Journey of Kailash Ashram - From operating loss to profit!

Last week, I had a fantastic chat with David Wegman, the man behind Kailash Ashram in Australia.

And I couldn't wait to share his inspiring journey with you.

David is one of my longtime clients, he has been working with me for the past one year.

David's path to success wasn't a sprint but a marathon!

He started with a humble $100 monthly Facebook ad budget and gradually increased it to $5000 over 1.5 years.

The key takeaway here?

There's no overnight growth!

Especially spirituality is a delicate part of the health niche.

Kailash Ashram focuses on meditation and yoga, driven by David's personal transformation through meditation.

He's all about authenticity and integrity, valuing genuine customer experiences over profits. That's a lesson in itself, right?

We discussed the importance of building effective systems, which turned Kailash Ashram from an operating loss to a profitable venture...

But like any journey, it had its challenges, especially in attracting the right audience for their retreats.

David's commitment to integrity and providing real value to his customers shines as a guiding light for all of us in the realm of online marketing.

Sharing the video below with timestamps lets you watch what you like.

00:51 How David founded Kailash Ashram

04:56 Working with Vishnu has greatly improved results

10:21 Building systems and leveraging time & resources

14:36 Challenges in attracting the right audience for their retreats

19:50 Purpose and approach to reaching people with his message

25:00 Going from an operating loss to a profit

30:05 The sale of courses and maintaining integrity

34:30 Learning how to speak to the target audience

38:54 Reflects on self education and digital marketing

44:36 Power of social media marketing in spreading his message

49:10 Future of Kailash Ashram

51:55 Message for people starting out!

video preview

Note: David operates an ashram without relying on external donations. Consequently, he must sell products, such as retreats, in order to sustain the ashram.

I'm sure you will enjoy this chat as much as I do.

David is my spiritual brother!

Keep growing and thriving,

Vishnu Harshan

We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it - but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor - Oliver Wendell Holmes

113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205
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