Step Up Your Game - How Walking Recharged My Life and Livelihood

Hey hey hey..

Today, I'm thrilled to share a piece of my life's puzzle that may just fit perfectly with yours..

'The magic of consistent walking'

Our previous generations walked way more than us..

Walking is so underrated in our generation.

It increases the blood flow to the brain

Which releases endorphins and neurotransmitters that boost our mental health and mood

As a result, it prevents cognitive decline (mental block)

I learned this from Aravind Padmaraju, one of my customers.

Last year, whenever I connected with him during the midweek for a quick Zoom call

I find him walking.. finishing half of the steps for the day for him during his little breaks.

He was walking in the office corridors!

Even though I knew walking was good..

I didn't integrate it into my work life.

I used to think I should dedicate 30 minutes to walking, but that consistently never happened due to my schedule.

But here I am celebrating a Personal Victory 👣

I've walked the talk, quite literally, by walking 10,000 steps daily for an entire year!!

But don't mistake this for a mere boast.

It's an open invitation to join a journey that's less about the path taken and more about the progress made.

It is also important to measure metrics in order to understand progress in any area of life.

This helps to focus and determine the next steps!

A Walk to Wealth 💰

I'm not just talking about health here; walking has walked me right into the most financially rewarding period of my career.

Intriguing? Absolutely!

Instantaneous? Far from it..

It took a patient four months before the ripples of this daily practice began to reflect in my business.

But oh, it did pay off!

The Pace to Prosper 🚶‍♂️

It's not rocket science, but it might as well be with how profoundly it can launch your life into a new orbit.

By putting one foot in front of the other..

I kick-started a flow of blood to my brain, unlocking a floodgate of endorphins and neurotransmitters that did wonders for my mood and mental health.

And guess what? It's available to you too.

From Routine to Revenue ✨

  • Stuck with a creative challenge? Walk it out.
  • On a never-ending call spree? Make it a walk-and-talk.
  • Wracked with nerves or anxiety? Walk through it.
  • Need a spark of genius? Find it on foot.
  • Digestion dragging after a meal? Walk to wellness.
  • Feeling the weight of the world? Let a walk lighten your load.
  • Decision dilemmas? Let the rhythm of your steps bring the answers.

Kierkegaard Knew the Score 📖 Taking a leaf from Soren Kierkegaard's book:

"Do not lose your desire to walk. Every day I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from illness; I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from."

So here's the choice:

Step into Success 👊

Stand up, march out that door, and make each step count not just for your health, but for the prosperity it can bring to your life's work.

Let's walk our way to well-being and wealth, one day at a time.

Onward and upward,


P.S. The secret is out - success is a journey, not a sprint. Ready to embark on yours? Your first step starts

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